Yellow Cab Schuhe Boots Industrial Y15012 Black Dieser Boot von der Kultmarke YELLOW CAB überzeugt durch sein robustes Rindsleder und einer ...

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  • So cool kombinieren unsere Lieblings-Serienheldinnen ihre Biker Boots!

    09/15/16, via STYLIGHT

    Dass wir Serien lieben und uns ein Leben ohne Netflix & Co. nicht mehr vorstellen können, dürfte ja mittlerweile kein Geheimnis mehr sein. Unsere Lieblingsserien dienen allerdings nicht nur zur Unterhaltung, sondern sind auch die beste Fashion

  • Sneaker High

    11/13/15, via STYLIGHT

    Die wollen modisch hoch hinaus: s sind die neuen Trendschuhe für Sie und Ihn. Die knöchelhohen Freizeitschuhe begeistern alle Trendsetter, die mit aufgewachsen sind. Auch junge Trendsetter lieben knöchelhohe Sneakers als

  • Alle Nachrichten und Informationen der FAZ zum Thema Time Square

    Es ist eine historische Wahlnacht, an deren Ende ein historisches Ergebnis steht: Donald Trump wird der nächste Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten. Viele in New York hätten das nie für möglich gehalten - und jetzt ist ihr Entsetzen grenzenlos. Mehr Von

  • Play miniature golf at the Boonshoft Museum

    06/03/17, via MyDaytonDailyNews

    A new exhibit at the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery will allow families to enjoy a game of miniature golf at the same time they're learning important environmental lessons. The show opens Saturday, June 19. “Fore! The Planet,” a traveling exhibit

  • Prince in the Nineties: An Oral History

    05/05/16, via

    His attorney came to me and my partner Arnold Stiefel and we said, "How can you hire us? We haven't met with Prince yet." We flew to Paisley Park and we ended up sitting in a conference room waiting for him for eight hours. Then we get summoned to his

Yellow Cab Boots Herren Industrial Y15012 Dark Brown Dieser Boot von der Kultmarke YELLOW CAB überzeugt durch sein robustes Rindsleder und einer ...

Play miniature golf at the Boonshoft Museum - MyDaytonDailyNews

A new exhibit at the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery will allow families to enjoy a game of miniature golf at the same time they’re learning important environmental lessons. The Planet,” a traveling exhibit created by the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University in Philadelphia, matches facts about conservation, food chains, water resources and a host of other natural phenomena with a golfer’s skill and... Players find out about topics ranging from evolution and dinosaur extinction to bird migration and food chains. “As they play, the golf ball simulates many adventures — from mimicking a house fly on its way to a picnic lunch to demonstrating the challenges faced by a spawning salmon,” explains the museum’s vice president of education, Dawn Kirchner. “There’s even a section on where trash goes and the impact it has on the environment – and on us. ”. 50 ideas for your Dayton summer bucket list. The more they learn about the subject at each hole, the better they play. Among other topics explored are natural selection, backyard ecosystems, predator and prey, and recycling. The display explores details of the potential damage wrought by both ecological disasters and natural phenomena. One example is “Butterfly Life Cycle,” where players putt the ball through each of the four stages of a butterfly’s metamorphosis. Another hole focuses on seed dispersal, with the ball representing the seed from the fruit of a tree. Players are then asked to choose which animal will best disperse the seed. jpg [ConcreteProxyImpl:Image, 2. 4016495992] --> As players are discovering important facts about the natural world, they are also learning to avoid hazards presented in the exhibition. The end reward, as in every game of golf, is to finish the hole with fewer strokes. Source:

Prince in the Nineties: An Oral History -

At the dawn of the Nineties, Prince appeared to be entering not merely a new decade but a period of rejuvenation. He had completed his third dramatic film ( Graffiti Bridge ), had hired new managers, was about to embark on a stripped-down hits tour of Asia and Europe that eschewed the ostentation of the Lovesexy shows, met the woman (Mayte Garcia) he would... "I feel good most of the time, and I like to express that by writing from joy," he told Rolling Stone in 1990. "I still do write from anger sometimes, like in 'Thieves in the Temple' [the initial single from Graffiti Bridge ]. But I don't like to.... Few artists of Prince's caliber would endure the creative and business highs and lows that Prince did, publicly, for most of the Nineties. staff in a label conference room in the mid Nineties, one of Prince's security guards entered the room first, checking behind curtains and shooting everyone an intense, check-you-out stare before Prince was allowed to come in. Whether colleagues... But the promise of the Nineties would soon give way to music business feuds, management shuffles, personal tragedy (the loss of his and Mayte's child in 1996) and dramatic moves – like changing his name to an unpronounceable symbol and writing... By the end of the decade, he would no longer have the same band, managers or label he did at the decade's start, and he would enter into a more scattershot period in both his music and career. Here, in the words of people who worked with him, is the story of Prince during the pivotal New Power Generation years, an era that would set his career on an entirely different course right up until his death. Source:

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