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  • Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit

    06/14/17, via Rolling Stone

    Wehmütig stellt er schon beim Auftakt, „Last Of My Kind“, fest, dass er noch nie dazugehört hat: „Tried to go to college, but I didn't belong/ Everything I said was either funny or wrong/ Laughed at my boots and laughed at my jeans/ Laughed when they

  • 5 Boots Every Man Should Own

    11/18/16, via FashionBeans

    Winter: the only season that can dampen your style from a stride to a squelch. But no man should suffer a perpetual snail trail. Ditch the trainers, stash away the brogues and lay off the loafers – here are the five essential boots you need in your

  • What men wear and why

    10/25/16, via Chicago Tribune

    Andy Spade, founder, Jack Spade, Sleepy Jones, Partners & Spade: "I'll buy shell cordovan leathers, shell cordovan brogues, the same simple oxford. They last for years but when they're gone, they're gone. I'll buy desert boots from Clarks, the same one

  • Bill Murray singing and dancing tango one highlight of McCallum season

    04/03/17, via The Desert Sun

    Classic pop vocalists Jack Jones and Paul Anka, smooth jazz saxophonist Dave Koz and comedian Bob Newhart also are long-time regulars at the McCallum and they're returning next season. Jones, one of the valley's most beloved desert celebrities,

  • Megyn Kelly fawns over Alex Jones in new 'secret audio' and says he was ...

    06/16/17, via Daily Mail

    Megyn Kelly is effusive in her praise of Alex Jones in a secret audio recording that was released by the conspiracy theorist on Friday. On the tape Kelly can be heard stroking Jones' ego and telling him how much sjhe hopes to profile the polarizing

Jack and jones boot unboxing

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5 Boots Every Man Should Own - FashionBeans

Ditch the trainers, stash away the brogues and lay off the loafers – here are the five essential boots you need in your wardrobe. Black Chelsea Boots Although popularised in the Swinging Sixties, Chelsea boots had more regal beginnings – way back with Queen Victoria. Or more specifically, her shoemaker: J. Sparkes-Hall patented the design in 1851, and ma’am was said to wear them on the regular – be it horse-riding or strolling through the palace grounds. Though you might be more likely to traipse around beer gardens than Buckingham Palace, the core message still stands: these really are as tough as old boots. “And, as with any skinned footwear, maintenance is essential. Regular conditioning will ensure your boots age well. Suede Desert Boots Like so many menswear classics, desert boots began in the military. While stationed in Burma during WWII, British officer Nathan Clark (note the surname) noticed officers wearing basic suede boots with crepe soles. Turned out they’d had them specially made in an Egyptian bazaar to withstand the tough desert climate, and clever Nathan, sensing a good idea, brought the idea home to the family business – British shoe giant Clarks. The suede variation of the chukka boot is now a menswear staple, and while this material requires treatment with a weatherproof coating, they can power through most of what autumn and winter throws at them. “Try your desert boots with a smart denim,” says Farnham. “Perhaps an indigo or raw selvedge, and complete with a crisp inch and a half turn up. ”. Hiking Boots No longer just standard issue for naturists, hiking boots have found a place in the fashion mainstream. From there, the likes of Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Bally followed, showcasing luxury takes on hiking boots for AW14 that skyrocketed what was once a functional piece to the heights of high fashion. Source:

Megyn Kelly fawns over Alex Jones in new 'secret audio' and says he was ... - Daily Mail

Megyn Kelly fawns over Alex Jones in new 'secret audio' and says he was unfairly treated in his child custody battle as Infowars host accuses the NBC darling of setting him up Alex Jones released a second secret audio' of Megyn Kelly on Friday... On the tape Kelly can be heard stroking Jones' ego and telling him how much sjhe hopes to profile the polarizing pundit rather than just churn out some hit piece. 'The reason you are interesting to me is because I followed your custody case and I think you had a very good point about the way the media was covering it,' said Kelly. 'And for some reason they treated you and your family as fair game, and they never would have done that with a mainstream-media figure. Kelly continued: 'I saw a different side of you and you became very fascinating to me. Your comments during the trial just reminded me you are just like anybody and I thought that would be an interesting story to tell. Source:

Why the first SAS soldiers were mad, bad - and VERY dangerous to know: The ... - Daily Mail

Why the first SAS soldiers were mad, bad - and VERY dangerous to know: The fearless killers who thought nothing of crossing the desert without water or boots Ben Macintyre's book details who the SAS are and where they came from First ever fully... That’s been their role ever since — undercover on secret ops in Northern Ireland, the Falklands, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and so on. Every other special force in the world, from Deltas to Seals, models itself on them. The answer is supplied in the first ever fully authorised history of the SAS, covering its secret activities in World War II. Author Ben Macintyre had access to a confidential, 500-page ‘war diary’ compiled by the regiment’s archivists. It was a gold mine of first-hand reports from those who took part in one clandestine operation after another, from the regiment’s formation in 1941 until 1945. A master at setting the pulse racing, Macintyre relates stories of raw courage and... The tone was set by the SAS’s creator, 25-year-old David Stirling, an aristocratic Scots Guards officer renowned for heavy drinking and disobeying orders, who found himself in Egypt when the British. Source:
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A Clockwork Orange (1971) Stanley Kubrick, filming locations
A Clockwork Orange (1971) Stanley Kubrick, filming locations In future Britain, charismatic delinquent Alex DeLarge is jailed and volunteers for an experimental aversion therapy developed by the government in an...
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Brazilian sunflower .. ...item 2a.. Patrick Hernandez - Born to be alive ...item 6.. Grab them by the poontang - 79 seconds - Donald Trump (October 07, 2016) .. Stoopid is Fo-Evah. Fo-Evah !!! ...
Grab them by the p**sy. You can do anything. --- Are we Not all 'Special Snowflakes' ??? ... So war es, so ist es, so bleibt es. • It says, so it was, so it is, so it remains. WARNING: Video contains vulgar...
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